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Divorce and Family

A divorce is a major life changing event. It is considered one of life’s top five stressors. It can be draining financially, emotionally and physically. With over 20 years of experience in this area, we offer specialized knowledge and competent and compassionate counsel to guide you through this most difficult time.

We provide financial counseling and help you predict how your assets and debts will be divided. There are many options regarding your home. Whether it be refinancing or modifying your current mortgage, selling your home or maintaining the status quo. We will explore all options with you.

It is not called for in all divorces. Certain factors are pertinent to determing the amount and length of alimomy like the age, health, and earning capacity of the parties and the length of the marriage. We will explore this issue as it pertains to you.

Retirement Assets
Retirement assets are subject to division. Any retirement money that was acquired before the marriage is generally kept by that party, while money acquired during the course of the marriage is generally split in half. There are exceptions to everything.

Your credit must be protected. You will need to get disentangled credit-wise. In most cases you will be advised to cancel joint credit cards and to open a new one in your name alone. You may even be advised to consult a bankruptcy attorney.

Child Custody and Support 
If you are a parent, one of your greatest concerns is what will become of your children and what the effect of the divorce will be on them. Connecticut requires that all divorcing parents enroll in a parenting education course.

If possible, you and your spouse should be present when telling your children of your intention to divorce. We work with family counselors who can help you minimize the effect on your children.

At the initial consultation we will go over the various types of child custody; physical custody, legal custody, sole custody, joint custody, shared and split custody. We will discuss child support. The amount of child support is determined by the Child Support Guidelines which are published by the State of Connecticut. The amount is based upon the income of both parents and the number of children in the family.

Other issues to be examined in a divorce are medical insurance, life insurance, personal property, automobiles, real estate, pending lawsuits and inheritances.

Divorce Mediation
Some couples are able to mediate their divorces. Rather than each spouse engaging their own attorney, the couple meets with us to come up with an agreement. All issues are hashed out and put on paper. This agreement will become the final judgment of the court if the court finds that it is fair and reasonable to both sides.

We have counselors who can assist with such issues as child visitiation and parenting plans if necessary.

Relief from Domestic Violence
It is sometimes necessary to get an immediate restraining order to stop the chaos that results from domestic violence. In some situations, arrest of the offending spouse is the answer. All cases require special consideration of all factors. We can help and pursue the proper recourse to keep you safe.

Post Judgment Issues
It is sometimes necessary to take a former spouse back to court to enforce payment of child support, alimony, or medical or daycare costs.  This can often be achieved by way of automatic wage execution and sometimes by temporary incarceration.

Post divorce modifications are used to increase or decrease the original terms of the divorce based upon a change in circumstances.

Grandparents’ Rights
Grandparents and other people who have had a major involvement in a child’s life have rights of their own. We work to enforce these rights.

Same-Sex Couples
With Connecticut recently legalizing same sex marriages, the same disentanglements are needed here.