Planning for your future and the future of those around you is always wise. Having a current Last Will and Testament is important so that you can be sure your assets are distributed as you wish. Other options include establishing a trust.

In conjunction with a Will, a Living Will combined with powers of attorney, healthcare directives, and the designation of a conservator can insure your wishes are met if you are incapacitated.

Probate and administration of an estate can be a difficult process. There are many steps which must be taken before the estate can be closed. First the Will, if there is one, is filed with the court. Then the executor or administrator gathers the assets and pays the debts. Income and estate tax returns must be filed as well as administration accounts. Sometimes the Will is contested and disputes must be settled either by negotiation or through the courts.

We are experienced in all aspects of this process. Individual legal attention is given to our clients with the utmost sensitivity.